As a Vendors Advocate, I engage the ‘right’ agent to make sure active buyers are introduced to your property.

I’ll keep you informed throughout the sales process and will advise on the best method of sale, negotiate fees and marketing, and advise on any work/styling needed to maximize the potential of your property. I’m in your corner from start to settlement. 

My remuneration is via the agents fee (in a conjunctional agreement). I add value for the agent by taking care of all dealings with the seller, and add value to the seller by ensuring the agent keeps your property at front-of-mind, and negotiates the best result for you.

By engaging an industry insider like myself, agents don’t have the opportunity to use any manipulative or emotional tactics. I keep all parties informed with straight forward matter of fact communication. This alleviates stress for you and allows you to make clear, unemotional decisions.  

My added value to the process of selling costs you nothing.

My typical clients include:

People who have not sold in a long time

People that live a great distance from the property

Estates and Trustees (Family Lawyers, Insolvency and Accounting Firms)

Properties owned by numerous individuals

Those simply wanting an industry expert to achieve the best possible outcome