Why We Use Craft CMS

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There is no shortage of developers and businesses who have fallen for Craft CMS. Although it’s a comparatively new platform on the market, it’s one of the most stable and user-friendly content management systems out there. It’s popularity is growing daily, with companies the likes of Netflix and Salesforce choosing Craft to handle the important role of managing their consumer-facing websites.

It’s not hard to see why. Craft is laser-focused on solving just one problem: managing content. This statement might seem superfluous – considering it is a content management system – but astonishingly most major players don’t put much focus on this crucial element. These systems, like WordPress, tend to focus on lowering the barrier to website creation. They do this by attempting to take actual development work out of the equation, reducing it to installing an off-the-shelf theme and a bunch of plugins.

This is fine for many businesses – after all, the web industry has been thriving on this approach for the last 10 years – but for many other businesses, it’s the wrong approach. It works well for those who simply require a web presence and nothing more. It’s a cheap solution that will give the client some aspect of control over their own website. But for those who see a website as an investment, and as playing a critical role in their marketing strategy, it often results in an ugly and ineffective website and a blown-out development budget.

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The key issue is that brand identity can’t be effectively expressed using off-the-shelf themes. The secondary issue is that in order for these CMS’ to accommodate an ecosystem of themes, the way they manage content must be standard across the board, and by consequence, limiting.

This is where Craft comes in. Craft proposes a novel solution to this problem – eliminate themes altogether. This might seem drastic, and it is, but let’s break down what this means for our website. If we have no themes, then there’s no need for a standard way the CMS must manage and arrange our content. This means we should be able to define that ourselves, and tailor the content management system uniquely to our website’s content. And this is exactly what Craft does, and does extremely well. In other words, instead of bending the website’s layout and content to fit the CMS, we change the CMS to fit our website.

This kind of content architecture is not easily done with most other content management systems, and in some it’s downright impossible. In order for us to deliver an attractive website that not only looks beautiful, but is painlessly manageable by any of our clients, we build on Craft.

And that is why we use Craft.